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Collar was founded by sisters Jonsie Moore and Lauren Wilkinson who share a passion for unique, beautiful accessories that make an outfit. Using vintage horse brass medallions as the focal point, they design and hand make statement necklaces that combine bohemian elements with classic style.


Lauren Wilkinson and Jonsie EvansSisters Jonsie Moore and Lauren Wilkinson have been joining creative forces at the kitchen table since they were little girls. In lieu of a lemonade stand, they would sell their mixed media creations from their “store” in the front yard.

Collar is their latest endeavor, but its roots go back more than two decades. In fact, much of the inspiration came from their mother’s interior design and antique furniture business, where both sisters worked in high school and during college breaks. Surrounded by beautiful furniture, fabrics, and decorative accents, Jonsie and Lauren gained an appreciation for handcrafted pieces and distinctive designs with a history.

Lauren first began making jewelry while working at their mom's antique store, often incorporating vintage beads and antique chandelier crystals into her designs. While her style has evolved over the years, Lauren continues to incorporate unique finds from antique stores and flea markets. In 2008, she came across a collection of vintage horse brasses at an antique store and was inspired to create a necklace using one as a focal point. The result was a statement-making necklace that combined bohemian elements with classic style.

While Lauren balanced jewelry-making, working as a physician’s assistant, and her ever growing family, Jonsie developed her creative skills in graphic design, event planning, and advertising/marketing. She also worked for various women's retailers as a young adult, including Anthropologie in New York City and Montanna, a boutique in their hometown of Charlotte, NC, that carried both well-established and up-and-coming jewelry designers. Jonsie has always enjoyed helping others find a piece of clothing, furniture, jewelry, or home accent that reflects their individual style and makes them feel good. 

Now, ten years after Lauren's first horse brass medallion necklace (and with much of encouragement from family and friends), Lauren and Jonsie have partnered together to formally launch a line of necklaces and accessories that showcase their eye for color, composition, and cool vintage finds.

A Short History of Horse Brasses

Horse brasses have been used to embellish horse harnesses as far back as ancient Rome, reaching their height of popularity in England in the mid-19th century. Cast or stamped in bronze, these decorative accents were typically 3–3.5 inches in diameter with a hanger by which they were thread through a horse harness strap called a martingale. Over the years, horse brasses have been used as decoration, prizes, advertising, royalty commemoration, and souvenirs. Today, you can find brasses of all kinds and sizes. Learn more about the history of horse brasses.